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Speech Therapy & Evaluation

Infinite Limits Speech Therapy

Stuttering • Echolalia & Gestalt Language Processing • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) • Early Language Delay • Neurodiversity-Affirming Social Communication • Articulation •


During our evaluations we prioritize building connection to best describe our client's passions, strengths and support needs. Comprehensive evaluations will include:

  • Parent and client interviews/questionnaires

  • Review of Records (IEPs, Treatment plans, etc.)

  • Language Sample Collection & Analysis

  • Individualized informal and formal measures 

Once the evaluation is completed and transcribed, we will collaborate to create a plan of care that works for your family.

Speech Therapy Approach

We respect different ways of being, thinking, and communicating during every session. Treatment will include: 

  • All sessions are client-led.

  • We incorporate movement and sensory supports into every session when needed. 

  • We honor each client's interests, strengths and follow their lead in sessions.



We specialize in providing support for individuals who stutter of all ages with a focus on communication confidence, and acceptance.  There is so much more to stuttering than fluency.  While navigating the societal expectations of “fluency,” some people who stutter experience fear and avoidance of speaking situations, leading to a lack of self-esteem.  These factors can negatively impact the social, emotional, vocational, and psychological well-being of people who stutter.   

Our mission is to partner with people who stutter to explore verbal diversity affirming strategies such as: the Blank Center’s CARE Model™, Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering®, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and more.  In our free time, we are constantly learning more from current research, books, and people who stutter/their allies on how to be the best clinician we can be for our clients.

Therapy at Infinite Limits Speech Therapy is not about providing you with endless techniques that don't work once you leave speech therapy or having you chase an impossible goal.  It IS about leveraging your strengths to increase your communicative effectiveness, self-acceptance, resilience, and confidence in any communication situation.  


The goal of speech therapy at Infinite Limits Speech Therapy is to support people who stutter saying exactly what they want to say, when they want to say it.  Services we offer

  • Individual therapy for adults or children in person, online, or in the community

  • Group therapy for adults or children in person, online, or in the community

Spero Stuttering Ally in Austin, TX

Some kids develop language through the use of echolalia and scripting (e.g., gestalts).  This is called Natural Language Acquisition (NLA).  We specialize in supporting these clients by using child-led play activities to acknowledge and honor their scripts while modeling new language.  This helps children move from communicating primarily through gestalts to including original language! Our goals for these communicators are:

  • Feel connected while communicating

  • Express themselves clearly

  • Have their message be best understood by others.  

Parent involvement is very important in gestalt language therapy.  We love to collaborate with parents during these sessions.  

Natural Language Acquisition

AAC is used by individuals who benefit from another way to communicate sometime or all off the time. AAC is so important because it allows us to establish a reliable communication system. We know from research that AAC helps people of all ages communicate.  We believe every child should have access to a robust and reliable means of communication. AAC supports your child in:

  • Communication autonomy

  • Communicate for a variety of different reasons such as: meeting wants and needs, express opinions, asking questions, sharing stories, and have conversations

  • Reducing frustration from being misunderstood

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 

Articulation and phonological disorders are errors in speech sounds.  We address speech sound errors through a variety of individualized approaches guided by your child's needs. Articulation and phonological therapy: 

  • Assists in the acquisition of all age-appropriate speech sounds​

  • Reduces their frustration from not being understood​

  • Supports confidence in their speech and reduce feelings of self-consciousness 

Articulation and Phonological Disorders

We focus on supporting children's positive sense of self through understanding of neurodiversity and their unique communication, sensory, and play preferences. Topics discussed include:

  • Communication Style Preferences

  • Self-advocacy

  • Emotional/Energy/Sensory Regulation

  • Perspective Taking

  • Problem-solving

  • Double Empathy Problem

  • Spoon Theory

Social Communication

Infinite Limits Speech Therapy


In - Person

Toybrary Austin
Community-Based Stuttering  Therapy in Texas

I am currently seeing clients in-person individually at Toybrary Austin (2001 Justin Ln, Austin, TX 78757) or in the Austin, TX community.  


Individualized Stuttering  Group Therapy in Texas
Individualized Stuttering  Therapy in Texas

Virtual individualized speech therapy from the comfort of your home.  I also provide virtual therapy groups for people who stutter of all ages to reach their goals with community, accountability, and mentorship from other people who stutter.

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